The arrival of Wagner PMC in Mali is closely watched by foreign countries

Warner PMC at Bamako Airport

Center for Strategic International Studies

Original Report

Wagner arrived on December 2021 in Mali. It placed its troops in camp just close to Bamako Airport. The arrival of the Private Military Group in Mali is closely watched at by foreign countries. The reason? It might contribute to the destabilization of this part of African, as it did in Central African Republic (CAR).

Wagner Group actions in Mali could worsen the instability of the area as the competition in Africa between Russia and NATO related countries become more and more intense. Wagner used Military Intelligence and Information special warfare with the help of Moscow and the local junta which rose to power two years ago with a military coup.

The United States and African countries now seek a solution to avoid a conventional conflict.

Wagner group uses an old military base, supposedly an air force installation. It has been noted that 15 tents has been installed, and a logistic mobile group of several light trucks has been deployed. War armored vehicles from ex-USSR have been located closely. A war satellite has precisely located all these equipment.

It clearly is a base constructed in order to conduct war raids from a secures area, in order to be able to disengage quickly.

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